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Whether you have a kid in your life who's interested in tarot or oracle cards OR you're just a kid at heart, our single-card per day journal is perfect for your journey!


Making the Spiritual Accessible - Everyday, for Everyone.

At Writual, we offer simple but powerful tools to merge the mystical with the mundane, so you can carve out a little space each day to go inward and connect with your intuition.

Through daily Tarot journals, meditation accessories, and the Writual Society, we're committed to connecting and supporting Tarot users of every experience level.

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Writual Blog

What is Ostara and Ways to Celebrate It

After Imbolc, the next Pagan sabbat on the Wheel of the Year is Ostara.  The third of the 8 sabbats, Ostara occurs at the spring equinox. This sabbat, named for the Germanic goddess Ēostre (yow-str), celebrates...

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