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2024 Tarot Planners

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Our new Learn Tarot Bundle combines the Decoding the Cards book and the Modern Hue Tarot deck for a perfect way to get started with tarot.

Planners + Journals

Making the Spiritual Accessible - Everyday, for Everyone.

At Writual, we offer simple but powerful tools to merge the mystical with the mundane, so you can carve out a little space each day to go inward and connect with your intuition.

Through daily Tarot journals, meditation accessories, and the Writual Society, we're committed to connecting and supporting Tarot users of every experience level.

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Want exclusive tarot spreads, juicy astrological info, personal rituals and more delivered to you every month?

Connect with an incredible community of spiritual seekers just like you!

Share stories, get Tarot tips & lessons, and attend exclusive virtual Tarot events.

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Writual Blog

Oracle with Leah Arnold-Smeets

Oracle with Leah Arnold-Smeets

Leah Arnold-Smeets is the founder of Woo Woo Realm. She left her former life as a tech executive to pursue her passion for tarot, mediumship, spiritual coaching and all things...

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New Moon Affirmations

New Moon Affirmations

Since the beginning of time, mankind has been fascinated with the moon. We have used the moon to predict events in nature, crops, fertility, and much more! Through time the...

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Crystals with Sam Carboni

Crystals with Sam Carboni

Owner of the Manic Moon Company and Piscean Witch Sam Carboni shares her tricks of the trade when it comes to everything you need to know about crystals, including uses, healing, sourcing...

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