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Learn Tarot Bundle


Get the ORIGINAL TAROT deck and DECODING THE CARDS together in this Learn Tarot Bundle!

Understand the cards and their meanings on a deeper level
DECODING THE CARDS isn’t your typical resource. Rather than simply providing keywords and traditional interpretations, it goes further to provide exercises for each card in the tarot. These exercises are designed to challenge you to delve deeper into the meanings of each card, as well as consider your own personal experiences in relation to the traditional meanings. The exercises are designed to be interactive and thought-provoking, prompting you to think about how the card applies to your life or situation in a meaningful way. By engaging with these exercises, you can gain deeper insights into your readings, as well as expand your understanding of the cards beyond just textbook interpretations.

For each card you will find:
  • Keywords and a set of traditional meanings for both the upright and reversed interpretations.
  • The numerological, elemental and astrological correspondences of the card.
  • Notable symbols within the Rider-Waite-Smith illustrated artwork.
Then, move on to exercises which will help you to form a greater bond and understanding of the cards:
  • Create your own personal bond and narrative with the cards.
  • Expand the meaning of each card and help to develop your understanding of it by pairing it with other cards.
  • Explore how each card meaning is influenced by your personal perspectives and experiences.

Also included in this bundle:

THE ORIGINAL TAROT Designed in 1909 by Pamela Colman smith.

Thick 350 gsm art paper. Vectorized graphics. Linen finish. Includes a detailed booklet with color pictures.

In this 2019 edition, the booklet is vastly improved. It has a clear meaning for every card, a color image of each card, and an example reading. This makes it easy for a beginner to start with tarot. 

    Learn Tarot Bundle



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