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Writual Planner is based on a simple premise: to make the spiritual accessible - for everyone, everyday. 


We want to help those on their spiritual journey who: 

  • are too busy, but still want to squeeze in time for themselves. 
  • are unsure where to start. 
  • have been doing this for years but want a new way to connect with their practice. 
  • are ready to make their practice fun and pleasurable! 


As a tarot enthusiast and graphic designer, I craved a simple, beautiful solution to my tarot journaling needs. I bought journals, planners and notebooks, but they were either too lack-luster or way too complicated to manage in just a few short minutes a day. 

After endless searching, I decided to make my own, and Writual Planner was born. 

The Writual Planner Journal includes everything you need to stay on top of an easy, quick, daily spiritual practice. Whether you use Tarot, Oracle, Runes or even crystals, you can jot down the messages the universe is sending you each day. We also track astrological events throughout the month, and, of course, give you plenty of opportunities to connect to your practice on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. 

And as we continue to grow, so do our offerings for your spiritual practice, including Tarot decks, Runes, Astrological Birth Charts, candles, crystals, home goods and more! 

We are absolutely thrilled to bring this simple, daily spiritual practice into your life with the help of Writual Planner. 




Are you looking to go even deeper, with like-minded souls who also want to incorporate the beauty of a spiritual practice into everyday life? 

We created the Writual Society as a communal space for Writual Planner enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike. We want you to find your tribe, connect deeply with your practice, and have support and encouragement along the way. 


The Writual Society includes so many fun perks and extras like: 

  • Weekly Community Planning Sessions
  • Daily 3-Card Spread Prompts
  • Monthly PDF Workbook full of astrological energies, spreads & rituals 
  • Live Virtual Moon Gatherings at the New & Full Moons
  • A special monthly workshop on a spiritual topic 
  • Yoga, astrology, courses, book club and more!  


All of this is hosted in a closed community forum to ask questions, engage in discussion and connect to other spiritual seekers like you! 

We only open access to the Writual Society a few times a year. Click here to get on the waitlist! 


Photos & video by Passion House Media