Our Story

At Writual Planner we believe in making the spiritual accessible - everyday, to everyone. We are committed to creating simple but powerful tools to merge the mystical with the mundane so that we all can carve out a little space each day to connect and explore.

In a world where we have so many commitments and responsibilities pulling us in every direction it can be difficult to commit to long, involved rituals and routines. We’re interrupted mid-meditation by the kids or pulled away from ritual by our growing to-do list. Forget even sitting down to lay out that enormous tarot spread! So, we just never get to it.

It was this need to find easy, attainable ways to call in a daily reflective practice that birthed Writual Planner.

Writual Planner was born when I just couldn’t find a planner out there that fit my tarot journaling needs. I yearned for a daily practice, but never seemed to stick to daily writing in a notebook and the tarot planners I could find on the market seemed either lack-luster or way too complicated to manage in the few short minutes I had available each morning. After endless searching I decided that I would make my own, to include everything I wanted for a simple, maintainable daily practice. 

I shared the results with a few of my tarot friends and they were so excited about it I decided that maybe others would love it, too! 


Writual Society

The incredible response we received to our 2021 Tarot Planner brought us to create Writual Society - an ever-evolving space created for our community to share ideas and experiences, to pool our combined knowledge and expand ourselves through reflection and interaction. It is a group for those of us who need inspiration for a real-world spiritual practice - that can fit into the one or three or five minutes each day we actually have - with people who share our challenges.

This is why we have created the Writual Society - to have a community of people who understand one another and can help each other to expand our practices no matter where we are in our growth.

Some are just beginning, some are amazingly advanced, but no matter where on the spectrum we fall we all believe that it takes daily practice and inclusion to make the spiritual and the magical more accessible. 

We hope that this space will serve as a kick-off point for you to take a few minutes each day to invest in your inner self and that you will join us to talk about your experiences and ideas - how you’re finding your magic!


Photo & video by Passion House Media www.passionhousemedia.com 


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