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Planners + Journals

Our Writual Tarot Journals and Planners are the perfect solution for tarot and oracle enthusiasts, allowing you to record your readings and explore what the cards mean to you. They will enable you to keep track of your tarot journey and provide a safe space for exploring different interpretations of the cards.

Tarot readings are not solely used to uncover the future but can also provide us with a window into our own journeys of self-discovery. By taking the time to write down our readings, we can reflect on the meanings of each card and draw connections between them that may not have been apparent before.

Whether you prefer the dated format of our Writual Tarot Planner or the flexibility of the Writual Tarot Journal, you’ve found a great way to take your tarot journey to the next level, and to help you make sense of the cards in a meaningful way. Whether you are just starting out with tarot or you are an experienced reader, the Writual Tarot Journal can help deepen your understanding of tarot and keep track of your own unique journey.






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