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Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Two of Wands Keywords

UPRIGHT: possibility | world in your hands | choice | direction

REVERSED: halted project | lost opportunity | lack of direction

Two of Wands Description

The Two of Wands features a man in a red robe and hat, holding a globe, symbolizing the vast potential and opportunities that lie within his grasp. His stance within the castle's bounds indicates he is in a contemplative state, considering expansive ventures but has yet to step out of his comfort zone to actualize these plans. The wand he touches stands upright, while another is secured to the castle wall, reinforcing his current stationary position in the early stages of his journey.

The landscape beyond the castle combines fertile grounds with rocky terrains, implying that while there is a strong potential for success in his future endeavors, he will also encounter obstacles that need to be navigated. This card encapsulates the moment of envisioning and preparation, where the individual acknowledges the promise of future achievements but must also recognize the necessity of leaving familiar territories to realize these possibilities fully.

NOTE: The tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider-Waite deck and Decoding The Cards

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Two of Wands Upright

The Two of Wands appears when you find yourself in a fortunate situation with your projects. You have taken action to bring your dreams and aspirations to life, and it’s starting to pay off.

This card signifies that you have the power to make any choice as long as you put the time and effort into making it happen. With this newfound power and ability, you can make the right choices that will lead to success.

Ultimately, the Two of Wands is a reminder to trust your intuition and take action to move closer toward your goals. It encourages you to be creative, explore your options, and forge ahead with courage and confidence.

Two of Wands Reversed

When the Two of Wands is drawn reversed, it may signify that it’s time to take action rather than continuing to plan. It’s a sign that any hesitancy or reluctance to proceed should be disregarded, and immediate progress should be made. 

This card can also appear when one has difficulty determining which direction they should go in or if they are feeling stuck in a situation. 

Additionally, the card may indicate that one should spend more time focusing on personal goals and purpose instead of trying to accomplish something externally.

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