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Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Three of Wands Keywords

UPRIGHT: progress | expansion | exploration | looking ahead

REVERSED: lack of vision | delays | staying in comfort zone

Three of Wands Description

The Three of Wands shows a man in red and green robes, standing on a cliff's edge, gazing outward, symbolizing vision and foresight. His back is turned, indicating his focus on future prospects rather than the past. The three wands rooted in the ground around him signify a firm commitment to his chosen path and the plans he has set in motion. Having moved beyond the castle's safety depicted in the Two of Wands, he now faces the open expanse and the sea, representing the broader scope of his ambitions and potential adventures.

The distant ships sailing across the water embody progress, exploration, and the journey towards achieving his goals. This elevated perspective allows him to survey the landscape of his future, acknowledging both the potential challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead. The card captures a moment of strategic planning and anticipation, reflecting readiness to embrace the wider world's possibilities and the proactive steps towards personal or professional growth.

NOTE: The tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider-Waite deck and Decoding The Cards

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Three of Wands Upright

When the Three of Wands appears in a reading, it indicates success and progress in pursuing one’s goals. This card signifies that planning and strategizing have come to a close — now is the time to act boldly on the project’s next steps.

This particular Wand encourages one to take risks and grab onto opportunities that propel them further down their chosen path.

The Three of Wands tells you that now is the perfect time to be adventurous — it may even point to overseas travel.

Three of Wands Reversed

The Three of Wands reversed indicates that your plans may be hitting some obstacles or delays, meaning you’re stuck waiting for other people or processes to finish before you can continue. 

It could also suggest that despite the opportunity for success, you’re choosing to stay in your comfort zone and not take the risk. In this case, it could mean you’re limiting your potential. 

Finally, the Three of Wands reversed can also suggest that any travel plans you may have had are being put on hold.

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