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The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

The Hermit Keywords

UPRIGHT: introspection | soul-searching | inner guidance

REVERSED: isolation | loneliness | withdrawal

The Hermit Description

The Hermit Tarot card features a solitary figure standing atop a snow-capped mountain, indicative of his spiritual attainment and personal growth. His journey of self-discovery has led him to a high level of consciousness. Holding a lantern containing the six-pointed Seal of Solomon in his right hand, The Hermit symbolizes the quest for wisdom; the light serves to illuminate his immediate path, emphasizing a journey taken one step at a time, with the full path remaining obscured.

The lantern's light, revealing only a short distance ahead, suggests that The Hermit must continue moving forward to gain further insight, embodying the principle that knowledge comes progressively and experientially. In his left hand, he carries a staff, signifying authority and the tool he uses for support and guidance, aligning with the subconscious aspect of his journey. This imagery reinforces The Hermit’s theme of introspection, guidance, and the thoughtful pursuit of enlightenment.

NOTE: The tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider-Waite deck and Decoding The Cards

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The Hermit Upright

The Hermit card typically symbolizes a period of introspection, requiring both physical and spiritual retreat from everyday life. This card represents the idea of turning inward to reach deep into your inner wisdom and knowledge in order to gain a new perspective. 

It is an invitation to take time away from your daily obligations and commit yourself to embarking on a personal journey. The Hermit encourages you to leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life in order to connect with your inner being and gain spiritual clarity. 

In some cases, the Hermit can be a symbol of someone who serves as a teacher or mentor, guiding others along their own path. It suggests that you may be feeling a calling to share your wisdom with others, or that you may be looking for someone else to teach you.

The Hermit Reversed

The Hermit reversed may suggest that you have been too solitary for an extended period, and it is time to reconnect with the world around you. Maybe you needed to take some time to reflect and ponder your life, but it has resulted in cutting you off from other people. 

Alternatively, it could be a sign that you are feeling lonely and are desperately in need of attention or guidance. 

In some cases, the Hermit reversed can also represent a refusal to take responsibility for certain situations or to confront issues head-on. It may indicate that you have avoided taking action instead of facing problems directly. 

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