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The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool Keywords

UPRIGHT: innocence | risk | beginnings | spontaneity | free spirit

REVERSED: foolishness | indiscretion | recklessness | holding back

The Fool Description

The Fool Tarot card, numbered 0, represents unlimited potential and occupies a unique position in the Tarot deck, fitting at either the start or end of the Major Arcana. This arcana symbolizes the journey of life, making The Fool a central figure without a fixed place in the sequence. Depicted on the card is a young man at the brink of a cliff, embarking on an adventure with a carefree demeanor, looking towards the sky and the unknown ahead. He carries a modest knapsack, symbolizing minimalistic needs, and holds a white rose, indicating his purity and innocence. A small white dog at his feet signifies loyalty and protection, urging him to advance and embrace the lessons of his journey. The background mountains represent forthcoming challenges, which The Fool currently overlooks, focusing instead on the thrill of his new quest.

NOTE: The tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider-Waite cards and Decoding The Card

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The Fool Upright

When the Fool appears in a reading, it indicates that we should take a leap of faith and embark on something new. To start this journey, it is essential to think deeply about our heart’s desires and trust that the Universe is guiding us along the right path. 

The Fool encourages us to be courageous and not worry too much about what others think. It reminds us that we have the power to shape our own future. All we need to do is take a deep breath and jump into the unknown with faith and courage. 

The Fool invites us to have fun, let go of our worries, and enjoy life’s adventures!

The Fool Reversed

The reversed Fool suggests that you are facing self-imposed restrictions preventing you from progressing and reaching your full potential. You may be held back by apprehension or uncertainty about the unknown caused by a lack of knowledge or awareness. 

The Fool reversed can also symbolize certain poor choices or misdirected actions. Avoid making decisions without careful consideration and thought, as you may be moving in the wrong direction and away from your desired outcome.

Finally, the Fool reversed can indicate that it is not yet the right time to move forward with an idea or plan. You may need to assess the situation more carefully and better understand your resources before diving in. 

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