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The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot Keywords

UPRIGHT: determination | control | success | willpower | self-assertion

REVERSED: turbulence | opposition | lack of direction | self-discipline

The Chariot Description

The Chariot Tarot card depicts a warrior in a chariot, symbolizing bravery and control. His armor features crescent moons and alchemical symbols, denoting emerging existence and spiritual transformation, while his square-decorated tunic represents willpower. The crown of laurel and stars on his head signifies victory and spiritual growth. Despite being in the chariot, he holds no reins, only a wand like The Magician's, indicating control through mental and willful force.

The charioteer's upright stance emphasizes his readiness for action and progress. The canopy of six-pointed stars above him connects to the celestial and divine will. In front of the chariot, the black and white sphinxes symbolize duality and potential conflict, yet under his command, they move in the desired direction. This dynamic illustrates the theme of mastering opposing forces to advance, underscored by the river behind the chariot, which represents the balance between flowing with life's rhythm and pursuing one's aims.

NOTE: The tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider-Waite deck and Decoding The Cards

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The Chariot Upright

The Chariot tarot card is often seen as a representation of drive, ambition, and a relentless determination to reach one’s goals. It is a signifier of victory, implying that success can be achieved with enough dedication and focus. The appearance of this card in a reading encourages one to remain focused on their aims and take the necessary steps to move towards them. It is a reminder that with a strong intention, anything can be accomplished. 

The Chariot encourages you to seize the reins and chart your own path — don’t just sit passively and wait for things to happen. Your success is due to your efforts and strong will rather than luck or chance. Tap into the power of this card to propel yourself toward victory and reap the rewards of your hard work! 

The Chariot Reversed

The Chariot reversed is a strong cautionary reminder that sometimes the best intentions don’t always lead to the right outcome. Your ambition and enthusiasm may drive you forward, but if your actions lack the necessary skill or expertise, they could lead to disappointment. 

Before committing to any course of action, take a step back and make sure you have all of the resources, knowledge, and tools necessary for success. Don’t simply rush ahead blindly to pursue your goals; instead, take the time to properly assess and strategize before proceeding. This will help ensure that your efforts pay off in the long run.

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