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Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

Temperance Keywords

UPRIGHT: balance | moderation | purpose | patience

REVERSED: imbalance | extremes | realignment

Temperance Description

The Temperance card features an androgynous angel in a light blue robe, symbolizing balance and unity of opposites. The emblem on the robe depicts a triangle within a square, illustrating the human condition and earthly constraints. The angel's stance, one foot on land and the other in water, highlights the importance of balancing practicality with emotion. The act of pouring water between two cups represents the continuous flow and transformation in life, embodying the concept of alchemy.

A path winding through a mountainous landscape in the card's background signifies life's journey, with its challenges and progressions. The golden crown floating above the mountains symbolizes the ultimate goal of achieving enlightenment or fulfilling one’s higher purpose, guiding the individual to align with their true path and spiritual principles.

NOTE: The tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider-Waite deck and Decoding The Cards

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Temperance Upright

The Temperance card encourages us to embrace the concept of balance and harmony as we move forward in life. It suggests that rather than adhere to one extreme or another or take too drastic of a measure, it’s often best to find the middle ground — doing so allows us to discover new ways of looking at things and open our minds to new possibilities. Ultimately, this card tells us that working together is important to create a balanced and harmonious life. 

Temperance advises that now is the time to take a moment to breathe and find balance before pushing forward with a plan. Taking the middle road isn’t always easy, but it’s often necessary to reach a place of understanding and mutual respect. By taking a step back and looking at the big picture, we can create an equilibrium that works for everyone involved. 

Temperance Reversed

When Temperance is reversed, it can be a warning sign that something in our lives may have gotten off-balance. It can remind us to take a step back so that we can evaluate our choices and actions to restore balance and harmony. 

The reversed Temperance card can also indicate extreme behaviors or thought patterns, suggesting we should try to bring things back to a healthy level of moderation. 

Additionally, it can signify indecision or impatience and remind us that sometimes we need to take our time and be patient in order to get the desired results. 

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