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Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Swords Keywords

UPRIGHT: transition | change | escape | releasing baggage | better times ahead

REVERSED: resistance to change | unfinished business

Six of Swords Description

The Six of Swords depicts a somber journey, with a woman and child being ferried across water to a distant shore, her head covered, signaling sorrow or mourning. The child's close proximity to her suggests a search for consolation and protection during this transition. The six swords standing in the boat imply that they are not leaving their past entirely behind, as these 'swords' could represent lingering thoughts, problems, or unresolved issues they are carrying with them.

The contrast between the rough waters on one side of the boat and the calm seas ahead symbolizes a move from chaos to serenity, indicating a hopeful path towards stability and peace. This card reflects the theme of transition and change, emphasizing the journey from a challenging past to a potentially brighter and more stable future, while acknowledging the difficulties that accompany leaving behind the familiar, even when it is troubled.

NOTE: The tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider-Waite deck and Decoding The Cards

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Six of Swords Upright

The Six of Swords is often seen as a card of change, transition, and movement. It indicates that now is the best time to make a much-needed adjustment or shift. Whether moving homes, changing jobs, or traveling to explore new destinations, this card symbolizes leaving difficult or turbulent situations to move toward a more tranquil and harmonious future. 

Additionally, this card could be a reminder to rely on your rational mind rather than emotions during the transition. 

The Six of Swords also implies that you may need assistance from others to make necessary changes, and it may signify an internal shift or rite of passage as opposed to an external one. 

Six of Swords Reversed

When the Six of Swords appears reversed, it may be a sign that you are actively avoiding facing your current situation and are trying to force a change that might not be beneficial or necessary. 

You may feel like you are stuck in a difficult place and unable to move forward, or you may be resisting the natural process of change that is taking place in your life. It is important to take into account any external forces that are influencing the situation and remember that you have the power to direct the course of your journey.

The reversed Six of Swords can be a reminder that progress can feel slow at times, but you will eventually arrive at a better destination if you keep striving forward.

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