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King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

King of Pentacles Keywords

UPRIGHT:  wisdom | financial success | accomplishment

REVERSED: stubborn | overly focused on wealth | financially incapable

King of Pentacles Description

The King of Pentacles is portrayed seated on a throne adorned with bull carvings, linking him to Taurus, and his robe is decorated with grape and vine motifs, signifying prosperity and wealth. He wields a scepter in his right hand, representing authority, while a golden coin in his left hand symbolizes his significant material and financial influence. This King is characterized by his exceptional ability to generate and maintain wealth through disciplined leadership and careful management.

Surrounding his throne, abundant vines, flowers, and plants further emphasize his success in material achievements. Behind him stands his castle, a testament to his enduring efforts and determination in building a secure and prosperous domain. This card depicts a figure deeply committed to financial stability, whose life is focused on the accumulation and display of wealth, underscoring his pride in his material accomplishments and his desire to showcase his success to others.

NOTE: The tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider-Waite deck and Decoding The Cards

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King of Pentacles Upright

The King of Pentacles symbolizes prosperity, luxury, and authority. He has worked hard and acquired great wealth and influence through his business acumen. He enjoys the fruits of his labor and takes great pride in his success. This card also reminds you to be generous with your wealth, using it both to further your own goals and to help others.

The King of Pentacles represents stability, reliability, and dependability. He will always be there to lend support and guidance when needed. This card encourages you to take responsibility for your wealth and use it wisely. 

It also reminds you to trust in yourself and have faith that you can create success through hard work. 

King of Pentacles Reversed

The King of Pentacles reversed can indicate a person who has made unwise and hasty decisions, whether in their financial plans or work. Instead of taking the time to properly plan out a course of action and make well-thought-out choices, they may have rushed into something and are now worse off for it. 

The King of Pentacles reversed can also signify someone overly materialistic or living beyond their means. This person may focus more on acquiring wealth and possessions than on things that truly matter. 

Finally, the reversed King of Pentacles could point to a know-it-all who is not to be trusted, especially regarding financial matters. 

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