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Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Justice Keywords

UPRIGHT: justice | fairness | truth | law

REVERSED: unfairness | dishonesty | unaccountable

Justice Description

The Justice card features a figure seated between two pillars, symbolizing balance, law, and structured order, with a purple veil behind her, representing compassion. Justice holds a sword in her right hand, indicative of the logical and ordered mindset needed to administer fair judgment, with its upward point and double-edged design highlighting decisive action and the inherent consequences of decisions. In her left hand are scales, signifying the balance between intuition and logic and her commitment to impartiality.

Justice's attire includes a crown with a square, underscoring rationality, and she is dressed in a red robe with a green mantle, suggesting a blend of passion and renewal. A white shoe visible beneath her robe serves as a subtle reminder of the spiritual implications of one's actions, reinforcing the theme of ethical and moral accountability embodied by the Justice card.

NOTE: The tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider-Waite deck and Decoding The Cards

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Justice Upright

Justice is an essential part of life, and it is important to take responsibility for one’s actions. When justice comes into play, those who have acted in good faith can rest assured that they will be judged fairly. However, any ill-advised decisions may also come to light and must be accounted for. Justice ensures that everyone is held accountable for their choices and that a fair judgment will be made in the end.

Everyone deserves a fair trial, so it is crucial to take the time to look at all sides of an issue before making any big decisions.

Justice Reversed

Justice reversed suggests that we are not taking ownership of our choices and actions, whether actively hiding evidence or attempting to blame an outside party for the consequences. This is a form of dishonesty, both with ourselves and those around us, and it often comes from a place of guilt. 

We are now presented with the choice to either come clean about what we have done or continue to pretend that nothing is wrong. The consequences of each action should be carefully weighed before making a decision. 

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