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Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

Judgement Keywords

UPRIGHT: judgment | rebirth | inner calling | atonement

REVERSED: self-doubt | ignoring the call

Judgement Description

The Judgement Tarot card depicts a scene of resurrection, with naked men, women, and children emerging from graves, symbolizing rebirth and awakening. Their outstretched arms and upward gazes suggest readiness for transformation and judgement. Archangel Gabriel, a divine messenger, is shown above blowing his trumpet, calling the souls to accountability and renewal. The card’s imagery signifies a moment of reckoning, where past actions are evaluated, and the potential for spiritual ascension is revealed.

The backdrop of an extensive mountain range represents the unyielding nature of life's trials and the inevitable approach of judgement, underscoring the theme that one cannot escape their ultimate evaluation. This card embodies the concept of karmic consequences, final assessment, and the potential for moving forward into a new phase of existence, emphasizing the cyclical nature of endings and new beginnings.

NOTE: The tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider-Waite deck and Decoding The Cards

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Judgement Upright

The Judgement card is a powerful symbol of starting fresh, unburdening yourself from any negative feelings associated with the past, and embracing a new version of yourself.

Judgement can also be seen as an opportunity for growth and transformation. It is a sign that one is ready to take ownership of their life and make decisions that will shape their future in positive ways. By acknowledging the past and taking action, we can learn from our mistakes, cultivate better relationships, create more meaningful work, and find more joy in life.

This card’s message is one of renewal, transformation, and hope. Use it to your advantage when making decisions that will shape the future. Trust in your inner wisdom and know that you are capable of creating a better life for yourself. 

Judgement Reversed

When the Judgement card is reversed, it may suggest that you are denying yourself a chance to make a meaningful change in your life. You are choosing to ignore the message that the Universe is sending you, even though you may be aware of what action needs to be taken. 

The Judgement card reversed can also signify stagnation in your life, where you are stuck in the same old patterns and not making any progress. It is important to remember that change doesn’t always have to be big or dramatic; sometimes, it can start with small steps toward something new. 

Finally, Judgement reversed can represent a lack of discernment. You may be making poor decisions because you are not taking the time to think carefully and weigh all of your options. 

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