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Fortune Manifest | Herbal Spiritual Home


This hand-blended blend of herbs and salts is crafted to welcome fortune, abundance, and success into your home and the lives of its inhabitants. Whether as a floor wash or dry sweep, this blend works wonders on windows and thresholds, filling your space with positivity and prosperity.

Key Ingredients:

  • Fenugreek: Draws wealth
  • Jasmine: Amplifies wealth energies
  • Ginger: Boosts success and prosperity vibrations

It also pairs beautifully with green aventurine, sunstone, jade, pyrite, citrine, and tiger’s eye crystals to amplify its magical properties.

Each jar contains enough for approximately 15 washes and comes with a muslin bag and suggested ritual for easy use and maximum effectiveness.

Transform your home's energy and welcome abundance and success with our Home Cleansing Blend, your magical tool for cleansing rituals.

Fortune Manifest | Herbal Spiritual Home



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