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8th House Tarot - 3rd Edition


Immerse yourself in the mystical world of tarot with our captivating Artwork deck. Each card in this deck represents the suits of the minor arcana based on the four elements, accompanied by traditional card names and astrological correspondences. It's the perfect deck for those eager to bridge the gap between astrological and tarot archetypes.

Key Features:

  • Elemental Representation: Explore the elemental energies within the tarot suits, with each card artfully crafted to reflect the essence of fire, water, air, and earth. This unique approach adds depth and meaning to your tarot readings, allowing for a deeper connection with the cards.

  • Astrological Correspondences: Enhance your understanding of tarot symbolism by delving into the astrological correspondences featured on each card. This deck is designed to help you make meaningful connections between planetary influences and tarot interpretations.

  • Premium Quality: The standard size tarot cards measure 2.75 inches by 4.75 inches, printed on upgraded 350 gsm card stock with a matte finish and dark green edging. The 2-piece premium box is custom-printed and matte-finished, providing a luxurious storage solution for your deck. Additionally, a 30-page printed guidebook is included inside the box, offering valuable insights and interpretations for each card.

Whether you're a beginner seeking to learn the basics or an experienced reader looking for a fresh perspective, this deck is sure to inspire and enlighten your tarot journey.

8th House Tarot - 3rd Edition



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