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2024-25 Lunar Planner - Printable PDF

PLEASE NOTE: This planner includes pages for April 1, 2024 through March 30, 2025. Each Lunar-Month calendar view begins on the NEW MOON, rather than on the 1st of each month.

We begin our journey on April 8, 2024, with the first new moon of the astrological year, a moment of fresh beginnings and infinite possibilities. The new moon in Aries heralds a time of fiery initiation, encouraging us to boldly step into new beginnings, assert our desires, and embrace a fearless, pioneering spirit. As the moon emerges in its crescent form, it signals a time of planting the seeds of intention and embarking on new adventures as we follow the moon's guidance and tune in to her wisdom and cycles.

In our fast-paced, digitally-driven world, it's easy to lose touch with the natural rhythms that govern our planet and, by extension, our lives. However, the wisdom of the ancients and the scientific understanding of lunar cycles offer us a powerful tool for reconnecting with these rhythms. Lunar planning, with its focus on tracking, manifesting with, and planning activities in conjunction with the moon, provides a gateway to enhanced self-awareness, productivity, emotional well-being, and spiritual connection.

The Lunar Planner: Your Personal Guide

To fully harness the benefits of lunar planning, a well-designed lunar planner is essential. This lunar planner is a specialized tool that integrates lunar tracking, phase-specific guidance, and space for personal reflection and intention-setting. It serves as your personal guide to aligning your life with the moon's rhythms.

This lunar planner includes the following features:

  • Lunar Phase Tracking: Clear and easy-to-follow lunar calendars that highlight each phase of the moon's cycle.
  • Intention-setting Pages: Space for setting intentions during the new moon phase, along with prompts for personal reflection.
  • Activity Planning: Daily space for planning activities and projects based on the energy of each lunar phase.
  • Moon Sign and Astrological Information: Insights into the moon's sign and its influence on our emotions and actions.
  • Astrological Insights: Information about major astrological events and their alignment with lunar phases.

This amazing brand-new lunar-cycle planner includes 12-months - from April 1, 2024 through March 30, 2025. You can choose between our standard 8.5" x 11" size, or our new, smaller 6" x 8" size. Both planner sizes are 232 pages and include the same daily, weekly and monthly pages to capture all of your important  thoughts and plans.

The Details:

  • Your choice of 8.5" x 11” -or- 6" x 8"
  • Spiral bound
  • 232 pages

What’s Inside?

  • Personal Birth Chart
  • 12 Lunar-Month Calendar spreads - complete with daily moon phases, void moons, and Zodiac season changes.
  • 52 Weekly spread pages - A super comprehensive daily manifesting and activity record. Keep track of your daily agenda, gratitude, action steps or anything else you desire. Our daily pages also include the moon phases for quick reference as well as detailed information as to what each moon phase means and how you can harness it's energy!
  • 25 New and Full Moon pages with information about the moon phase and sign it's in, and space to journal your intentions - one for each new and full moon throughout the year
  • 12 Zodiac pages with all the juicy details you need to make the most of each astrological season!

PLUS, enjoy a robust reference section that includes

  • Moon Phase Reference Guide to help you understand the moon energies
  • Astrological Reference Guide with information about the planets, houses, signs, aspects, modes and elements

* This is NOT a physical product - you will receive a 258-page digital file that you can print at home or take to your local print shop. 

COPYRIGHT....... ©2024 All rights reserved. Writual Press owns all rights, including the copyrights to all digital files.  By purchasing, you are allowed unlimited number of uses of this file as long as it is for personal use only & is not permitted for any sort of commercial or business use. You may not share, sell, or distribute these files digitally or physically, and they may not be used as freebies or giveaways for any reason.

2024-25 Lunar Planner - Printable PDF



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