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Welcome to Writual Society

An online community for tarot lovers and spiritual seekers of all levels.

What's Included When You Join Writual Society

Monthly Workbooks

50+ pages of wisdom and guidance for the month ahead. Get detailed information on what’s happening in the cosmos along with supportive rituals, tarot spreads, yoga poses, journaling prompts and more

Live Tarot Classes

Meet with our tarot expert every month as she explores a new in-depth tarot topic to enhance your skills and understanding of tarot

Community Gatherings

Weekly small-group hangouts, tarot-reading swaps and more are all part of what brings our community together - and meet with us every month to pull your cards for the month ahead

New & Full Moon Gatherings

Every new and full moon, listen to a talk from our in-house Astrologer followed by a deep-dive into a member's personal chart to understand how the energies work in practical ways

Monthly Workshop

Each month we choose a spiritual practice or topic our members are interested in and host a workshop taught by an expert in the field followed by a live Q+A session

It’s time to rediscover the mystical & magical.

Begin your day feeling connected to the cosmos while your coffee brews, grounding yourself in the confidence that you're ready for anything that comes your way.

Or perhaps you find solace in the night, journaling your gratitude and easing into a tranquil sleep, comforted by the knowledge that you've given your all, yet sensing that greater things lie ahead.

Imagine a community that supports your journey into the depths of your spiritual interests, offering new practices to enhance your daily routine. A sanctuary where you can deepen your connection to your spiritual essence and reignite your passion for the mysteries of the universe.

We are a global community dedicated to sharing the timeless wisdom of astrology, tarot, energy work, and inner healing. This space is for anyone drawn to explore and grow.

Experience the synergy of curiosity, exploration and embodiment. Dive into rituals, study, and self-discovery. Join us in this journey of coming home to your Self and expanding into your fullest potential.

Extras & More

We also like to throw in fun extras like daily tarot prompts, a book club, quarterly challenges, yoga flows, lunar practices, affirmations and more.

Our closed community forum is a safe container to ask questions, engage in discussion and connect to other spiritual seekers just like you!

I have been a member since month 1, & I must say, you all continue to hit it out of the park with each new pitch! I’m loving the monthly workbooks, the affirmations, the live events, & on & on…..Sheila—you & your team just keep adding to the benefits of this group! I love 💕 the various hermit cards this month with exactly what deck goes with each image & the moon 🌚 spreads are awesome! I’m so very thankful for everyone involved, including the other members—exactly what I was needing!

— Danielle T.
Writual Society Member

I want to thank you for this incredible tool. This is the best gift I have given myself in a very long time. I appreciate the work, love and effort you've given. Always know that it is touching lives in ways you may never know. With gratitude.

— Debbie B.
Writual Society Member

The monthly workbooks are unique and extremely helpful for me. I wasn't sure what to expect when I first started receiving them, but now that I'm five months deep into their use, I absolutely cannot do without them! The insights and information are presented in such a wonderful way and the artwork used within is utterly gorgeous.

— Krissy R.
Writual Society Member

Why We Created Writual Society

The Writual Society is a members-only community of like-minded individuals from all experience levels who want to incorporate the beauty of a spiritual practice into everyday life. 

You want the support and inclusion that comes with a community and helps you grow your own intuition, knowledge and skills. And you want inspiration for a real-world practice that fits into whatever three or five minutes a day you have. 

Instead of tackling your spiritual practice alone, we’ve developed an ever-evolving space to come together and share ideas, experiences and knowledge. We learn together and expand the magic in our everyday lives. We pull our cards together and we discuss the universal energies in ways that make them more accessible. 

In the Writual Society, we know that it’s possible to come back to your spiritual practice again and again, no matter how long it’s been since you last picked up your cards or said a mantra. 

Step into our community and feel a renewed energy, excitement and momentum for your practice. We’re here to guide the way.

If you’re ready to invest in your inner self, make deep connections with the spiritual world and enjoy like-minded conversation, then the Writual Society is the place for you.

Still curious? Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Writual Society with this virtual walkthrough! 👇🏼

Included with Membership

Monthly & Sabbat Workbooks (56+ page pdf)

New & Full Moon Practices

Guest Healer Workshops

Live Solstice & Equinox Gatherings

Live Tarot Classes

Yoga Flow Videos

Role Playing the Tarot Gatherings

Book Club

Library of Past Workshops, Classes, & Rituals

Member-Only Discounts at Writual Planner

Upcoming Events

May 1 | Beltane Celebration

May 5 | Book Club - Fiction

May 10 | Tarot Talk with Erin

May 15 | Buddy Meetup

May 19 | Book Club - Non-Fiction

May 22 | Breathwork with Kimberly Allen

May 26 | Roleplaying with the Tarot

May 29 | Buddy Meetup

May 31 | May Planner Spread

Every Sunday | Weekly Community Gathering

Sound exactly like what you’ve been looking for? Then join us in the Writual Society!


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