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Magician Mala


The Magician mala is hand-knotted with Spectrolite Quartz, Flower Agate, Citrine and Garnet gemstone beads, sterling silver accent beads, and features a Smoky Quart guru bead and silk tassel.

Spectrolite Quartz: An amazing amplifying stone, meaning that whatever you pour into it, will pour out tenfold. Its clarity can spark memory, hone concentration, and bring your whole being back to balance.

Flower Agate: Helps us reach our highest potential, protecting us from fears and self-doubt. It inspires us to manifest and nurture our dreams, its energy igniting a passion to pursue dreams and live life to the fullest.

Citrine: This light bringing stone is known for its ability to awaken dormant dreams, bring an extra dose of success, and let golden confidence rain down upon your soul.

Garnet: Garnet is known for its utilization of creative energy. It grounds spirit forces within the body and helps in the ability to work lovingly on the physical plane. 

- This mala has the traditional 108 beads

- Hangs approximately 19.5  inches long

- Gemstone beads are approximately 6mm

- Handmade Longmont, Colorado

- What are Malas? -

These beautiful beads are used to set intentions, meditate, or simply wear for beauty and positive energy! They encourage us to pause and breathe while motivating us to invest in moments of self-care and compassion.

- Other Information -

All of our malas are made with natural and semi-precious stones; therefore, there will be some variability in sizes, shapes and colors. However, I can assure you that each piece will be beautiful. A lot of care goes into choosing the materials used in each and every piece.

Beaded work jewelry is delicate, so when getting dressed it should be the last piece on and the first to take off. Also, avoid immersing in water and leaving out in high temperatures.

Magician Mala



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