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VIDEO: Explore the 2022 Writual Tarot Planner

Hello Writual friends! Today, I’m so excited to be walking you all through our new and improved, updated 2022 Writual Planner Tarot Journal.

This video is specific to the 2022 version. Just know that all the things we talk about are applicable to other versions as well. If you have the undated or future years, they're all going to follow the same pattern, so this will still be relevant for you.

So let's get started! We’re using the interactive digital version. All these pages are the same pages that you're going to find in your hardcover edition, your spiral-bound, paperback version, and the printable PDF as well. All four versions contain the same content.

Watch the walkthrough video below to discover how to use your tarot journal, new astrological features, and more.

Watch the 2022 Writual Tarot Planner Video Walkthrough Video 

How to Use Your 2022 Tarot Planner 

The first page is how to use this planner. It's got reference pages to let you know where to find everything. 

I also want to note that the time zone used for all the astrological data and moon phases throughout these planners is based on Mountain Time here in Denver, Colorado. So wherever you're at, you'll want to keep that in mind and adjust all of those times to fit where you are. 

The following page goes briefly over how to use the different calendar features in your planner.  

We'll get into these more when we get to those pages in this walkthrough, but when you're sitting with your planner, you can always flip back to this page here to kind of see what the information is and what to use the different fields for.

Astrological Reference Guide

Following that, we have our astrological reference guide. This is where you're going to get info on the planets, the houses, signs, aspects, modes, elements, and then look for the reference here, examples on how to fill out your personal birth chart, and where you can go online to access that data.

Moon Information 

After that, we have moon information. Some brief rundown on the different major moon phases: new, full, quarter moons, and what you can be focusing on in your life during those phases. Then we have new and full moon spread ideas.  

At the back of your planner, after all the months, you have a page for a new moon and full moon spread for everyone throughout the entire year. I left those blank because some people prefer the option to cater each moon reading to the specific sign that the moon is in at that time. But I didn't want to leave you hanging either.

If you don't want to go out and source those unique spreads for every moon phase, these are some solid questions that you can return to time and time again throughout the year for your new moon and your full moon spreads. 

On the right hand page is a list of all the exact dates and times of those new and full moons throughout the year and the signs that they are in, the eclipses for the year, and then a list of all the retrograde and direct dates for all of the planets throughout 2022. 

Next, we have the 2022 and '23 monthly calendar dates for reference, as well as general holiday dates in the US and Canada. And then, your tarot astrology correspondences. You can see how those interplay with each other.

Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet 

Next is a list of three card spreads as well as two card spread ideas that you can come back to as you're pulling your cards each day. Then we have our tarot card meaning cheat sheet.  

This is an excellent guide for anyone who is brand new to tarot. It's just a quick look at some keywords that'll give you guidance on what those cards mean. It's also great for those of us who are seasoned, who just every once in a while draw a blank on something. Right? 

Birth Chart 

Now we get into your actual journal pages. At the very beginning is your birth chart. Some people want to fill this in, some don't. I wanted to have it in here for anyone who likes to be able to reference that throughout the year.  

And again, if you go back to that second page of instructions, it gives some examples on how to actually fill out these different fields and where you can find that data online specific to you. 

Year Ahead Tarot Spread 

Next, we have our “year ahead” tarot spread. The idea with this is that you can sit down, pull 13 cards, one for the overall energy of the entire year and then one for the energy of each month ahead.  

You can look back at this, reference it throughout the year, and carry those cards forward into your readings for each particular month as the months come up as well.

Monthly Tarot Journal Pages 

Now we get into our monthly pages. These next few pages are going to repeat themselves for every month throughout the year.  

You're first going to have this calendar view that gives you your calendar grid with the moon phases day by day, any astrological transits that are happening, as well as the sign that we're in when the month begins.  

So for January, we enter the month in Capricorn because that started on December 21st. And then, the sun moves from Capricorn into Aquarius on January 19th. The month of January has two new moons and one full moon. So those are all dated there. 

Habit Tracker 

Along the bottom of the monthly tarot journal pages, we've got a habit tracker. If you want to meditate every day, or run three times a week, or whatever it is that you're focusing on, this gives you space to write those goals in. Just check off the boxes as you move through the month. 

On the right side bottom there, you can note anything that's important to you during the month — whether it be dates that bills are due, appointments, or birthdays, you can put all of that down there. 

The next page each month is this one on the left hand side. You have some journal prompts that you can use. Put down your intentions, your priorities, how you're wanting to feel this month, inspirations, what you're looking forward to. And then, you can come back at the end of the month and jot down any highlights for the month that you want to remember.  

There's also space to write down your monthly goals and then break those down further into weekly action steps that you can take to accomplish those goals. 

Monthly Tarot Card Spread 

On the right-hand page is your monthly spread. For the energy of this month, you can draw a brand new card every month or you can also go and refer back to your year ahead tarot spread, and take that card that you pulled at the beginning of the year and put it in for each month as you move through. Whichever resonates with you is the correct way to do it.  

You can come back at the end of the month and reflect on those cards and how they showed up in your life throughout the month. 

Weekly Tarot Card Spread 

Next, we get into the weekly spreads. Every month you'll have this spread for each week of the month.  

It starts with space for any affirmation that you may be working with currently. Then you can draw a card for the week and write in your interpretation, and come back at the end of the week and reflect on that.  

For every day, you've got the day of the week, the date, and then the moon phase, and then a three card spread. So in the boxes, you can write, draw, sticker, stamp, whatever you prefer, the cards that you drew. We offer space to write in what spread you used.  

Card by card, you can write out your interpretation of that, and then, again, space for reflection at the end of the day. On the new moon and the full moon, we did also add in the sign that the moon is in for that date. 

Moon Trackers 

And then last, on these pages, the little moons every day. If you wish to use them this way, they can just be an extra little habit tracker for you. Like, I personally mark down my water that I drink, so every time I have a glass of water, I'll mark off a little moon, and then I know if I'm staying in line with my goals. But again, you can use it or not use it, however you see fit for you. 

So then we go through the rest of the week the same way, and then move on to the next month. 

Moon Card Spreads 

At the end of all of the monthly pages, when you get to the end of December, the next section is for our moon card spreads. We start out with just an overview of all the moon phases throughout the entire year so you can use that as a quick reference if you're looking for that.  

Again, we also included the sign that the moon is in, when it is full and when it is new. Next, we have all our spreads. For every single new moon and full moon throughout the year, you've got a full page dedicated to your card spread, your intentions during that moon phase, and then whatever interpretation or notes that you want to include there. 

So, like I mentioned in the beginning, I did leave these card spaces blank in this portion in case you want to find a card spread tailored specifically to new moon in Capricorn, full moon in Cancer, et cetera. Or, you can go back to that front portion and reference the spread meanings that we gave you, so you can just use that over and over through each moon cycle as well. 

Blank Note Pages 

After all those new moon and full moon spreads, we've included 12 pages of just dotted note paper. You can use this for overflow note taking. Or, if you do larger spreads throughout the year, this is a great place to jot down your Celtic cross or whatever other spreads that you may be doing in addition to your daily and monthly. 

Pick Up Your 2022 Writual Planner/Tarot Journal Today! 

That concludes our walkthrough of the 2022 Writual Planner Tarot Journal. I hope that this has been helpful to everyone to see what lies in store for you this year, as well as giving you some helpful tips on how to interact with this content.  

If you have any comments or questions please never hesitate to reach out to us — we're available via email at

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