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Tarot Card of the Year with Erin Jones


  • The Tarot Card of the Year for 2024. 0:00
  • The astrological year and the energy of the Strength card. 1:06
  • The Tarot card "Strength" and its symbolism. 2:35
  • Tarot cards and their meanings. 4:20
  • Tarot reading and personal growth. 5:41


    Dayna Schmidt-Johnson  
    Hi everyone, my name is Dayna Schmidt-Johnson. I'm the Writual Society Community Manager and the House Astrologer. Today we are going to be talking about the tarot card of the year every year is associated with one of the Major Arcana tarot cards and 2023 was a Chariot year bringing forth determination, getting ourselves back on track after a couple of chaotic years.

    So who better talk to us about the Tarot Card of the Year than Writual Society's Erin Jones? Welcome back, Erin!

    Erin Jones  
    Thank you so much. I'm really excited to be here and to bring a little taste of what's to come for 2024. 

    Dayna Schmidt-Johnson  
    Yeah, we're really looking forward to a bright new year. So tell us: what is the Tarot Card of the Year for 2024?

    Erin Jones  
    So the tarot card of the year for 2024. This is all based on numerology, simply add up the years. It's 2024. So two and two is four plus four is eight, which is the Strength card. And at first glance, that might sound really relieving and lovely, but it is definitely full of challenges as well as is kind of the energy of all cards. I feel like there's a multifaceted meaning to all of it. It really encompasses, like, all of our sort of human experience. So at first glance, lovely, we'll get into more of the nitty gritty when we have our meeting.

    Dayna Schmidt-Johnson  
    Yeah, how, you know, I, like you said, strength feels like oh, yeah, we can really get into some of that this year, right? Put that behind our goals, it's going to be a really great astrological year to to start getting things accomplished. Looking forward, how can we tap more into the energy of the Strength card? 

    Erin Jones  
    So yeah, we'll talk a little bit about how I kind of work with the larger themes. I'll likely come up with a Tarot Spread or two or people can kind of check in with the strength card, and what lessons and support it might lend to all of those kinds of things this year, your goals, your aspirations, even just personal growth, reflections on where we've been and where we're going. So we'll definitely have some spreads around the strength card. And we'll also talk a bit about some of the symbolism in the card. There's quite a bit in this particular card, there's only a few cards in the tarot that have the infinity symbol on them. This is one of them. I will also maybe dip a little bit into the eights in general because often when we talk about the Major Arcana, we're also looking at the eights because this is the card number eight, at least in the traditional Rider Waite Smith tarot deck, this is card number eight, I know that there are other decks that actually have it as card number 11. So depending on the deck that you use, you might have I think it's justice that it kind of toggles back and forth. But as far as Rider Waite Smith, it is the eighth card. So we'll also maybe look a little bit at the eights of the Tarot. 

    Dayna Schmidt-Johnson  
    That's fantastic, because there are so many different facets when you start really diving into each individual card as its own piece of art even.

    Erin Jones 
    Right. Absolutely.

    Dayna Schmidt-Johnson 
    So we're super excited to dive into the strength card with you in January as our official guest teacher, but you also of course do our monthly Tarot Talk sessions. And we're going to kick off 2024 strong with the cards because we've got you coming in to talk about the Tarot Card of the Year, we'll have our Taro Talk, we at the end of January or excuse me the end of December, we'll be pulling our cards for the year ahead. We'll be pulling our cards for January on the last day of the year. So guys, just bring your planners bring your decks get ready to dive in to the cards.

    Can you tell us maybe a little bit more what we can expect over the next month with all this information coming at us from the cards?  

    Erin Jones  
    Yeah, for sure. So I think as we begin to kind of fade from that chariot momentum, motivation, sort of drive. You know, the chariot for me is often associated with getting out of your comfort zone, which I feel like was definitely a theme for 2023. And that's challenging, right? So I think when we're met with that perseverance that it takes to continue to challenge ourselves. Of course, coming in behind that having strength, there is such a beautiful teacher, I think that vulnerability is really related to that card and courage in general. And that being coupled with getting out of our comfort zone, I think those two things just go hand in hand. So it feels like a really potent follow up to that feeling of like, maybe a little out of control a little, like, I don't know, what I'm doing, you know, that kind of feeling. When we, when we step out of our comfort zone, most of that comes more from like, our, our brain activity, our mind, feeling really uncomfortable and seeking and desiring the familiar. And this is like a really courageous act to step through and past that, and really honor our depths, right and, and bring that to the surface. So I feel like strength is such a beautiful pairing, to kind of start to, to dip into as we as we move out of that Chariot your energy. 

    Dayna Schmidt-Johnson  
    I love the way that you have kind of blended the two together so that we can, because in our minds these years have all blended together, right? So this idea of pain, how can we start to step away from the familiar which is long gone now right in the world and move into what is our future? And that is very exciting. Erin, you explain things so well, it's gonna be a really great session to talk about this year, this card, this Strength, and really dive in in early January. So we cannot wait. Thank you so much for being here today. Where can we find you out in the world?

    Erin Jones  
    All right, so a couple places I am offering currently year ahead tarot readings, I've got a few slots left. I do those both in person for local Colorado folks, or online for folks who are further away. You can find all the information and offerings on my website, which is You can find me in the Society. I'm always there. If anyone has questions, you're welcome to send me a private message in the Society or comment on a feed that we've already started. I'll probably be popping in with some comments just asking folks kind of what topics they might want to explore over the next year. And we'll get a good list going for our monthly talks. So those are some of the best places. On Instagram I am at hermit_and_the_moon. If you want to find me there. You can follow along with my local schedule and other offerings and things that are going on the app. I think those are those are the main places to find more information. 

    Dayna Schmidt-Johnson  
    Fabulous! Go track her down you guys and follow along, of course in the Society, and we will see you all there in January. Thanks so much, Erin.

    Erin Jones  
    Thank you!


    Erin has been reading tarot for most of her life. She began getting curious about tarot over 25 years ago, in her late teens, and the relationship has blossomed over time. Reading tarot from a soul-guided perspective is where Erin’s wisdom really shines. She prides herself on channeling readings from a heart-centered space and offers compassionate counsel for those who are looking for guidance around trusting their own innate wisdom. Erin considers the cards to be a mirror, always reflecting back to us just what we may need in each present moment.


    Want to join Erin and learn more about the Tarot Card of the Year in community with others? Head on over to the Writual Society! Join us for tons of great events and conversations to kickstart 2024 with Writual Planner! 

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