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Start Your Tarot Practice for The First Time in 2022 with These Easy Tips

There’s no better time to start tarot as a beginner than the beginning of a new year.

With the state of the world over the past few years, there’s plenty of things to stress over. And when that stress builds up, it’s hard to connect to your emotions and intuition. It’s also more difficult to set and sustain new goals.

That’s where tarot comes in.

Practicing tarot can help you get back in tune with your goals, feelings, and put you in community with like-minded people who can offer their insights and guidance.

But tarot can feel intimidating to break into — which is why we made the Writual tarot planner an easy and accessible way to learn more about tarot and start your own practice. They’re built for everyone, so no matter where you are along your journey, you can gain valuable insights into your life.

Here are some simple ways to use tarot cards for the first time and how to record your reflections in your 2022 Writual tarot planner.

Choose a Deck (Or Two)

The very thing you’ll need is a tarot deck. Plenty of beginners opt for the traditional Waite-Rider deck, but you can choose any deck that feels right.

You can make your decision intuitively, or choose based on artwork and designs that speak to you. You’ll be looking at these cards a lot, so make sure you enjoy them!

Know that it’s okay to start simple. Decks like Adam J. Kurtz’s OK Tarot: The Simple Deck For Everyone is a perfect example. The cards are designed for quick reads and the included interpretation booklet offers up 3 simple words for each card.

If you’re not too big on structure, you can also start with an Oracle deck that doesn’t have a set number of cards and is much more free-flowing.

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Keep it Simple

If you’re reading tarot cards as a beginner, don’t worry about getting it perfect. You can build readings into your daily or weekly schedule, where it makes sense.

Aim for the morning when you’ve got the time and space to plan for the day ahead. This is a great time to journal your findings in your Writual tarot planner over coffee and a nutritious breakfast.

One way to begin your practice is by asking your tarot deck about anything you’re struggling with or holding onto. Don’t be afraid to make it up as you go along until you find something that feels right.

You can start with a simple 3-card tarot spread every day or every week. For quick spreads, check out page 11 of the 2022 Writual Planner for a full list of 3 and 2-card spreads.

Meditate with Tarot Cards

If you’re searching for tarot card meanings, adding in meditation can help you figure out your own meaning to the cards as you pull them. You can do a quiet meditation after each card pull to think about how the card applies to you or meditate on your full spread as a single narrative.

Certain cards might trigger different emotional responses in you, so be sure to make space to explore them. Through mindfulness and meditation, you might also notice patterns in your tarot spreads, like cards that keep coming up again and again.

Meditation during tarot can offer clarity about certain struggles or questions in your life. Once ideas or thoughts come up, be sure you have your Writual Tarot Planner nearby to jot things down!

Having a tarot community to discuss your findings can also be helpful, especially when you’re first starting out. Join our 21-Day meditation and tarot challenge in 2022 >

Free-Write in Your Tarot Journal

If time allows, it’s best to give yourself time to free-write with your tarot journal. This can be done before or after your tarot spread, as long as you set a timer and let your mind roam free.

Remember: your tarot journal is a judgement-free zone! This is your time to work through daily stressors or ponder big life questions.

The blank pages in the back of the 2022 Writual Planner are perfect for longer writing sessions or to-do lists that you want to keep track of.

As the New Year rolls around, you can also use this space to reflect on the past year and prepare for the next. The beginning pages of the 2022 planner are built especially for pulling cards for the energy to come.

Learn more about using tarot to reflect on your year >

Tarot Stamps, Tarot Stickers, and Crystals

The most important thing to remember about starting tarot for the first time is to have fun! While tarot can be an incredibly deep and personal practice, it’s also an interesting to learn.

To add some additional elements to your daily tarot spreads and journaling sessions, check out our tarot stamps and tarot stickers.

Or consider creating a tarot altar deepen your tarot practice. Feel free to add your favorite candles, a tarot cloth, crystals, or personal objects that bring you joy. There’s no right or wrong way to make a tarot altar as long as you feel good in your space.

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Enrich Your Tarot Practice with Zodiac Signs

As you become more comfortable with tarot for beginners, the Zodiac signs are another element you can work into your tarot practice and daily tarot readings.

Our 2022 Writual Planner includes a full birth chart, as well as an astrological reference guide, moon phases, and a full list of pagan holidays and important dates.

If you’re not sure how to incorporate the Zodiac into your new tarot practice, we’ve got you covered there too. Our blog has plenty of tips about how to use Zodiac signs in tarot.

You also get help incorporating astrology into your tarot practice when you join The Writual Society’s open discussion forum. Here you can ask your pressing tarot questions, participate in book clubs, and get inspired with daily card pulls, spreads, and more.

Start Your Tarot Journey with a Challenge

Your brain is wired for novelty, which means new things are exciting! In 2022, start your newest adventure by reading and reflecting on tarot cards for the first time.

Feel empowered to build healthy new habits into your daily routine. Before you know it, you’ll be starting every day with a peaceful tarot reading, some journaling, and an invitation to find your alignment before you start your day’s to-do list.

Ready to get into tarot as a beginner?

Starting January 1st, we’re offering a brand new 21-Day Challenge for Writual Society members! Every morning we’ll get on a 15-minute call to help you set intentions, pull your cards, and use your Writual Tarot Planner.

And if you join the society by February, we’ll enter you into a giveaway for an iPad loaded up with the digital 2022 Writual tarot journal — so you can have your planner accessible on paper or on a device no matter where you are.

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