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New Moon Affirmations

Author: Alex Getts

Since the beginning of time, mankind has been fascinated with the moon. We have used the moon to predict events in nature, crops, fertility, and much more!

Through time the moon has remained a wonderful indicator of energy cycles to work with for manifesting what we want into our lives. 

We are living in an abundant universe where everything flows in harmony with creation. We can tune into this frequency with simple tools and techniques to manifest what we desire into our lives. One helpful way to synchronize ourselves with this abundant energy is to pay attention to the moon cycles and use new moon affirmations.

We all want to create or bring various new experiences into our lives. That is part of being human. Some want to find romance, some a new career or financial opportunity, and some  just want a family or to feel a sense of belonging.

Whatever you are wanting to call into your experience, the answers to your longings may lie within the cycles of the moon and the New Moon affirmations you use.

Man’s History with the Moon

Man’s fascination with the moon dates as far back as the Ancient Egyptian civilization. In Ancient Egypt the moon was considered as a replacement for the sun in the darkness of night. The moon was not worshipped as a god but was considered a manifestation of gods.

These gods were known as lunar gods. Lunar cycles began with a new moon and ended with a full moon. Any interruption in the lunar cycle, such as a lunar eclipse, was feared by the ancient Egyptians and considered a bad omen.

In later Egyptian texts the cycles of the moon were shown to mimic the life cycles of human beings showing us an even clearer picture of what a powerful manifestation tool the moon is, and how new moon affirmations can serve us. The later Egyptian texts also show us how the Egyptians would use the bull’s horns to symbolize a crescent moon.

The bull was seen as a symbol of fertility. The concept of fertility also extended to resources. The Egyptians had an understanding of the moon’s role in the growth of plants, so the phases of the moon were used as an indicator of when to sow. This same concept of using the moon phases to plant and sow can be used in manifestation and setting new moon affirmations.

In Native American culture throughout history the moon is seen as a guide, a protector, a spirit, and a symbol of transformation. The native Americans knew of a relationship between the moon cycles and the cycles of a woman’s reproductive organs.

This is another direct indication of the moon cycles mimicking the cycles of creation, and it is proof that these cycles can be used with new moon affirmations for manifesting.

Manifesting with the New Moon

There are eight phases in a lunar cycle. The first phase of this cycle is the New Moon phase. This is the phase when the moon has moved directly between the Earth and the Sun, so it is not visible in the night sky. A New Moon usually occurs once every 29.5 days.

On rare occasions, there may be two New Moons in one month. This occurrence is called a Black Moon and occurs once every 32 months. New Moon affirmations are a powerful tool for manifesting.

During the next six phases of the moon are when we can see more of the moon exposed incrementally in the night sky as it gradually reflects more of the Sun’s light until reaching the final full moon phase. This is a perfect picture of how setting intentions using New Moon affirmations can manifest human desires.

Since the New Moon is the first phase in the lunar cycle, it is the perfect phase to work with setting a new intention. You can start with a New Moon Meditation to clear any lingering energies from the previous cycle, and then start anew.

The New Moon is a blank slate or a new beginning. This is the time to ask yourself what it is your soul is truly longing for. A New Moon brings the energy to embrace new beginnings and set intentions for the future with New Moon affirmations.

Setting Intentions for New Moon Affirmations

If you are new to intention setting, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. There are plenty of tools and rituals to help guide you toward your New Moon affirmations. The first and most helpful tool at your disposal is meditation.

Meditation is the most efficient way to be guided by your inner voice, or your soul. This is the best way to find a clear picture of what you are wanting to bring into your reality. The goal is simply to clear your mind and then witness what thoughts come to you, instead of the thoughts that your mind tries to chase.

Manifesting Intention

Manifesting intentions is about synchronizing with the inner and outer worlds that influence our lives. It is in the sacred nature of the Universe to create whatever life you align with, so don't buy into any limiting beliefs that may intrude into your mind. There are limitless possibilities! Don't think too much about the how, just move into the vibration of the life you want.

Once you have a clear vision of what it is you want to manifest it is time to create your New Moon affirmations. There are a few important things to remember when creating affirmations for the New Moon.

One detail to remember when setting New Moon affirmations is that the universe does not understand negative language, only positive affirmations. For this reason it is best for your New Moon affirmation to include only what you want to manifest. For the purposes of setting affirmations for the New Moon it is best to avoid using any words that are negative or expressing what you don’t want.

The language of the affirmations for the New Moon should only be positive and reflect what you want to bring into your life. For example, if you say something like, “I do not want any new debt,” then all the universe responds to are the words “I” “do want any new debt,” since the word “not” is negative language. A better affirmation for the New Moon may be “I have financial freedom.” This is a positive statement that the universe understands clearly.

Rituals and Tools for the New Moon

In addition to having a New Moon meditation practice, journaling is a great way to access the New Moon affirmations that you are being called to work with. Keeping a daily journal of your thoughts and feelings, then reading past journal entries when the New Moon is approaching will give you insight into what desires you want to manifest into your life. Also, the physical act of writing down a New Moon affirmation drastically improves the rate at which it will manifest.

Here are some great examples of New Moon affirmations. You can use one from the list below, or come up with your own variation. Accept healing energy and welcome new beginnings as you say them. These are some of the best new moon affirmations to harness the new moon energy and help you radiate pure love.

The Best New Moon Affirmations

  • I am an abundant being

  • I am loved and supported in all situations

  • I have total financial freedom

  • I am healthy, fit, and happy

  • I am loving kindness

  • I have total freedom in all aspects of life

  • I am surrounded with love and kindness at all times

  •  I am constantly guided by my intuition

  • I am empowered to receive abundance from the universe

  • I am grateful for all that I have

  •  I am grateful for all that I am ready to give 

  • I am open to receive the love that is already coming to me

  •  I am full of abundant love and light

  • I can afford anything I desire

  • I am always grateful for how the universe provides for me.

Letting Go

After you have a clear positive intention and have created your New Moon affirmation, one key to manifesting with the moon’s energy is to practice the art of letting go.

When we let go of our intentions we are sending a message of trust to the universe. This is not only a message of trust but a message of gratitude, which is considered the highest form of prayer in some cultures.

When we trust the universe to deliver on our New Moon affirmations, we are essentially saying to the universe, “thank you for providing what I have already asked.” When we hold on to the affirmation or try to figure out how it will come to pass, we are saying to the universe, “I do not trust that you will provide, so I will solve this myself.”

Along your journey of self-discovery, you will come to discover your own process for manifesting. The new moon occurs regularly, so you will have endless opportunities to use the Lunar energy in manifesting your dream life. You will come to break free from your struggles, release shadows, and invite wealth into your life. Just stick with it.

Final Thoughts on New Moon Affirmations

In modern times it is very easy to get caught up in day-to-day activities of busy schedules and tasks (although there are weekday affirmations to help with that too!)

We tend to forget some of these ancient ways passed down through time that includes using the energies of the cosmos and phases of the moon to shape our everyday lives. Setting affirmations for the New Moon is definitely a forgotten practice that can bring great benefits.

Whatever rituals you choose to work with, using New Moon affirmations is a magical practice that will fill you with gratitude and restore your faith in the universe. Write down your affirmations, and watch how the magic unfolds for you.


Setting intentions? Use the New Moon Candle to make your wishes come true! 


This article was originally posted on Intuitive Souls

About the Author

As a practicing Tarot reader and astrologer of 15 years, Intuitive Souls Founder Alex Getts leads the Intuitive Souls mission to help people manifest the lives of their dreams. She’s personally worked with hundreds of clients over the years and has achieved international recognition for her work.

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