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How to Intuitively Read Tarot

Tarot cards have fascinated and intrigued people for centuries, offering a unique way to gain insights into life's mysteries and navigate its complexities. While some may view tarot reading as a mystical or esoteric practice, at its core, it's about tapping into your intuition and connecting with the deeper wisdom within yourself and the universe. Intuitive tarot reading goes beyond memorizing card meanings; it's about developing a personal relationship with the cards and trusting your instincts to interpret their messages. Here are some tips to help you embark on your journey to intuitive tarot reading.

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Connect with Your Deck

Start by choosing a tarot deck that resonates with you on a personal level. Whether it's a traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck or a more contemporary one, the important thing is to feel a connection with the imagery and symbolism. Spend time getting to know your deck by exploring each card and noticing the feelings, thoughts, and sensations they evoke in you.

When choosing a tarot deck, take your time exploring different options until you find one that resonates with you on a deep level. Consider the artwork, symbolism, and energy of the deck, and trust your instincts to guide you toward the right choice. Once you've selected your deck, spend time bonding with it through daily draws, meditative practices, or simply shuffling the cards and allowing your intuition to guide you. The more you handle your deck and immerse yourself in its imagery, the stronger your connection will become, enhancing your ability to intuitively interpret its messages.

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Trust Your Intuition

Intuition is your inner guidance system, and it's essential in tarot reading. Instead of relying solely on the book definitions, allow your intuition to guide you as you interpret the cards. Pay attention to your initial impressions, gut feelings, and any flashes of insight that come to you during the reading. Trust that you have the wisdom within you to understand the messages the cards are conveying.

Intuition is a powerful tool that can offer profound insights beyond the literal meanings of the tarot cards. As you develop your intuition, remember that there are no right or wrong interpretations in tarot reading—each reader brings their unique perspective and intuition to the cards. Trust in your innate ability to discern the messages that resonate with you on a personal level, even if they diverge from traditional interpretations. Your intuition is your greatest asset in tarot reading, so embrace it fully and allow it to lead the way.

Create a Sacred Space 

Set the stage for your tarot readings by creating a sacred space that feels conducive to introspection and intuition. You might light candles, burn incense, or play soft music to enhance the atmosphere. Clearing your mind and centering yourself before a reading can help you attune to the energies of the cards and access your intuition more readily.

Your tarot reading environment plays a significant role in setting the tone for your practice and enhancing your intuitive connection with the cards. Designate a quiet, comfortable space where you can focus without distractions and cultivate a sense of reverence for the tarot. You might choose to cleanse the space with sage or palo santo to clear any lingering energies and create a clean slate for your readings. By infusing your space with intention and positive energy, you create a supportive environment that enhances your ability to connect with the wisdom of the cards.


Practice Mindfulness

Before diving into a tarot reading, take a few moments to center yourself through mindfulness or meditation. Clearing your mind of distractions and focusing on your breath can help you enter a receptive state where intuitive insights flow more easily. Be present in the moment during the reading, allowing yourself to fully immerse in the experience.

Mindfulness is a valuable practice that can deepen your intuitive connection during tarot readings. Before you begin a reading, take a few moments to ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath and releasing any tension or distractions from your mind. As you shuffle the cards and lay them out, maintain a sense of mindful awareness, staying fully present with each card and allowing your intuition to guide your interpretations. By practicing mindfulness, you can quiet the chatter of the mind and access deeper insights from your intuition.


Ask Empowering Questions 

The questions you ask during a tarot reading play a crucial role in shaping the insights you receive. Instead of asking yes/no questions or seeking predictions about the future, frame your questions in a way that empowers you to gain deeper understanding and insight into your current circumstances or challenges. Open-ended questions that start with "What," "How," or "What do I need to know about..." are particularly effective.

The questions you ask during a tarot reading shape the direction and depth of the insights you receive. By asking empowering questions, you open the door to meaningful insights that can support your personal growth and decision-making process.


Use Your Imagination

Tarot reading is a creative and intuitive process, so don't be afraid to use your imagination when interpreting the cards. Allow yourself to enter the imagery of the cards and explore the stories they tell. Pay attention to the emotions, symbols, and connections that arise for you, and let your intuition guide you in weaving them into a coherent narrative.

As you explore the imagery and symbolism of each card, allow yourself to enter the scene depicted and immerse yourself in its narrative. Pay attention to the emotions, symbols, and connections that arise for you, and trust your intuition to weave them into a cohesive story. Your imagination is a powerful tool for unlocking deeper insights and uncovering hidden truths within the cards.


Journal Your Insights

Keeping a tarot journal is a valuable practice for deepening your intuitive connection with the cards and tracking your progress over time. After each reading, take some time to reflect on the insights you've gained and write them down in your journal. 

Documenting your interpretations, thoughts, and feelings not only helps you solidify your understanding of the cards' symbolism but also enables you to track recurring themes, patterns, and synchronicities in your readings. Your tarot journal serves as a personal record of your growth and development as a tarot reader, offering valuable insights and reflections along your journey.

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Practice, Patience, and Trust 

Like any skill, intuitive tarot reading takes time, practice, and patience to develop. Be gentle with yourself as you learn and trust in your innate wisdom and intuition. The more you practice, the more confident you'll become in your ability to intuitively interpret the cards and access the wisdom they hold.

Remember that tarot reading is a lifelong journey of self-discovery and growth, and there's always more to learn and explore. Trust in your innate wisdom and intuition, and allow yourself to embrace the transformative power of tarot with an open heart and mind. With dedication, practice, and trust, you can unlock the full potential of intuitive tarot reading and embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and spiritual growth.


Intuitive tarot reading is a deeply personal and enriching practice that can offer profound insights and guidance on your life journey. By cultivating a strong connection with your deck, trusting your intuition, creating a sacred space, practicing mindfulness, asking empowering questions, using your imagination, journaling your insights, and maintaining patience and trust, you can unlock the transformative power of tarot and embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Remember, the answers you seek are within you, and the tarot cards are simply a tool to help you access them.


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