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How to Fill Out Your Writual Planner Birth Chart




Hi everyone. Welcome to this Writual Planner Birth Chart Walkthrough. We get a lot of questions in the Writual Planner that includes this birth chart and these two pages and how to fill them out.

So the easiest way that you can do this is by going to the birth chart report that you can find on the Writual Planner website. So if you go to and click this birth chart link, it will open up a page where you can put in your name, your birth information, where you will need your date of birth and the time as well.

If you don't have the time, just use a Noon start. That's typical. But if you can find it, you'll have better information.

And then the place that you were born. And when you put in all that information, you're gonna get this terrific snapshot of where all the planets were in the sky at your time of birth.

Now, I know for new astrology people, this can look like hieroglyphics in a lot of ways, but if you stay with us some things will start to come together.

So the easiest thing you can do when transferring this information over into your birth chart on these two pages right, would be to either print this out and cut and paste it right into your physical planner or to if you have a digital version, do a screenshot and place it right on top.

If you however, want to transcribe this over, you certainly can using all of the symbols, all of the symbols are here on this birth chart report.

We've got all of the sign symbols here. If you go further down, we have all of the planet symbols down here.

So we do include all of that information completely for free. So that's where you can find this birth chart report to complete and fill out.

And the way that you would do that, for instance, is to use the little images like they do find, okay, so the sun is here in Leo, and then I would place the sun probably a lot smaller over here in the Leo position in the chart in this 12th house, this 12 piece of the pie.

So that's kind of how you can start to fill this out. We get a lot of questions, however, on these two pieces.

And what's really nice is that this birth chart report offers those pieces as well. All of your houses are listed right here.

All of your planets are listed right here. What you won't see is the ascendant, this AC/ the rising sign, the sign that was coming over the horizon at the time of your birth.

And that is right where your first house starts. So your ascendent is always going to be the start of your first house in your birth chart.

That's this line right here begins your first house. And in this case, it, it is hosted at 25 degrees Leo.

And we know that because of this house right here. Right next to it, of course, is all the planets minus that rising sign that we just discussed.

And then finally you can scroll down and see how all of these planets affect you, but we have this elements and nodes chart in here as well so that you can easily transcribe all of this information right into here so you know which planets are sitting in your cardinal fixed and mutable modes, and then the four elements as well.

So you can get a really good idea of where the most energy in your own chart sits. And we also have that up here in the elements and the qualities.

So if you want a percentage breakdown, we have that too. Finally, in order to fill out this little chart here, I'm gonna zoom in a little bit for you.

But we do have the ability to fill this out based on this information. It doesn't look exactly the same. With other charts you may be able to find this information, but here's how you fill it out. So we've got the sun squaring the moon.

It says right here, sun square moon. So we come into this chart and we find where the sun and the moon connect, and then we just add in the symbol that goes along with it where those two connect.

This is a square, so we'll just put a square right in there, the moon and the sun square one another.

So that's how you can continue to fill out this chart based on this information here. Hopefully that helps. And if you have any other questions, go ahead and throw 'em in the comments and we'll get them all answered for you.

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