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Celestial Highlights: Astrological Transits in February

Hey there, stargazers and cosmic enthusiasts! February is upon us, so it's time to dive into the fascinating world of astrology to explore the significant planetary transits that will shape our lives and energies in the coming month. Whether you're a seasoned astrologer or simply curious about how the stars influence our daily experiences, join us on this cosmic journey as we unpack the astrological transits of February. Get ready to discover how the alignment of planets and stars can impact your life and the world around you. 


Favorable Major Transit
Moon Events
New Zodiac Season 


Moon Enters Scorpio
Passionate energy can run high. Stay in control of this, and use it to your advantage.



Mercury Sextile Neptune
This an excellent time to connect with your spirituality and creativity as your senses are strong and intuition is heightened. Psychic phenomena can be more easily sensed now through dreams, meditation, or happenstance. The gap shrinks between the ideal and reality.

Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 
During the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio, seize the opportunity to fervently declutter or delve deep to address issues in the coming week. Although conclusions may be intense, they pave the way for resolutions.



Venus Trine Lilith
You find it quite simple to express your individual wants, sexuality, and beauty. You can be more authentic by forging relationships.  



Moon Enters Sagittarius
Your outlook on life gets a positive boost in this lunar placement. Get moving and tend to causes you are passionate about. You may be searching for more meaning in life, and connecting with others will help. Any extra energy you have can be released through physical activity.
Mercury Enters Aquarius
Creativity, open-mindedness, and communication with large groups are favored now. Thoughts and ideas become more progressive and objective. However, you may feel so adamant about your point of view as to cloud over others, and the results may not be long-lasting.  



Venus Square Chiron
You may feel like you’re not being treated as you deserve under this influence. Sabotage and being self-critical are possible. Strengthen your boundaries and hold to them.
Sun Sextile Chiron
You confidently express your personality, winning praise and popularity along the way. This increases your chances of finding real love and enjoying healthy connections with your family and friends. You overcome obstacles by maximizing your abilities, skills, and resources.
Mercury Conjunct Pluto
This transit gives us an opportunity to dive deeply into issues, secrets, and studies that affect generational cultures. War, poverty and other socio-economic issues may play out on the world stage. You can gain a lot of understanding of serious subjects at this time, including spirituality and self-analysis. Be cautious of nervous conditions, intensity or deception. 



Moon Enters Capricorn
This is a good time to practice patience and commitment to your goals and others. A cool, calm, and collected attitude will be advantageous, especially in long-term projects. It may be harder to relax and unwind, however, so be sure to schedule in time for yourself. You’ll be better rested to tackle serious issues.


Venus Square Node
It’s important to confront the difficult issues in your life, even though you will desperately want to avoid them under this influence. Pretending to only see the beauty in life will hinder your growth.
Venus Trine Uranus
Personal connections are lively and even liberating. Experimentation in the bedroom will enhance established partnerships, but new relationships may quickly fizzle out. You may have a sudden influx of cash or want to invest in artistic pursuits.
Mars Sextile Neptune
Follow your feelings under this transit, they will steer you in the direction of your dreams. Tune into your spiritual side, allow empathy to wash over you and enjoy your creative side.

Sun Sextile Node
You are able to more fully step into the spotlight now, with conviction and a clearer picture of who you are becoming. Self-expression is authentic and you are full of creative potential. 


Sun Square Uranus
An increase in tension can cause unpredictable behavior, which may result in abruptness, quick direction changes, and even accidents. Everyone appears to experience everyday stress more strongly, especially if their options are limited. Be flexible and maintain an open mind.
Moon Enters Aquarius
You may feel detached from your emotions, giving a spontaneous and individualistic persona for the time being. It’s a great time to release old habits as you are seeking freedom from the daily grind. There is a natural affinity for groups and communities where you can find common ground with your people. 


New Moon  in Aquarius
Your brain may be buzzing with new ideas and viewpoints on the world. Connect with others and share your plans for the future, no matter how outlandish they seem. Remind yourself that you are part of something greater in the overall scheme of things. 


Mercury Square Jupiter 
Temper over-optimism now by focusing on the details of life. You may lack focus on the future, or focus too much there, with no real plans in sight. Balance this energy with hard work.
Moon Enters Pisces
Your sensitivity is heightened and you may become lost in other people’s feelings and problems. This can be an emotional time that comes with a vivid imagination. Try not to get carried away with idealism but channel your desires through manifestation and picture yourself as already having everything you need. 


Moon Enters Aries
Passion, energy and determination are in the air when the Moon is in Aries. You may feel like asserting yourself or being more spontaneous than usual. Trust your intuition but balance it with patience rather than diving in full-force. 


Mars Enters Aquarius
Freedom-seeking Aquarius will show its rebellious nature now with Mars seeking out non-traditional undertakings. The mainstream simply will not do, and you are willing to debate issues and convince others to support your passionate cause. You can now take concrete steps toward fresh ideas and individualistic plans.

Venus Sextile Neptune
This transit is wonderful for changing old patterns, especially when it comes to relationships, social events and creativity. You will be energized and feel passionate and inspired to be creative. 


Mars Conjunct Pluto
Strength, passion and courage will help transform your circumstances. This could end up being a dramatic change, where everything feels as if its crumbling around you. Manipulation of others might feel like the easy way out, but it will cause a host of problems in its wake. Evolution exists within selflessness.
Moon Enters Taurus
Lean into your romantic side. Connect with others and feel your beauty from the inside out. You will derive the most confidence, however, with a sense of security and stability. 


Mercury Sextile Chiron
This is an exciting time. Through your intellectual abilities, you may be able to unlock the keys to healing old hurts. 


Mercury Sextile Node
Significant others and teachers in your life are inspiring you to think differently and welcome new ideas and thoughts. There are no coincidences, and others around you are offering you bits of counsel from a higher source to help you make this shift, just as you are channeling a heavenly message.
Venus Enters Aquarius
Venus in Aquarius increases the desire for unconventional relationships and freedom in the familiar. Lovers must be friends, too, or perhaps friends will become lovers. Still, strong ethics contribute to this transit, as transparency and fairness are key to happiness in partnerships.

First Quarter Moon in Taurus
With the First Quarter Moon in Taurus, anticipate gradual changes and adjustments unfolding over the next week. Prioritize confidence in your decisions before taking action, and once you do, persevere through the process.

Moon Enters Gemini
This is a great time to get out and about. You may find yourself irritable if you’re cooped up at home, so if you can’t leave, pick up the phone or zoom with friends. Try not to take on too much unless it’s a quick project you can get done before the Moon changes signs and your enthusiasm wanes.
Mercury Square Uranus
This may make you impatient and impulsive, with a heightened anxiety and tension. Uranus can bring unexpected changes alongside it, so lean on Mercury’s reasoning and logic now.


Venus Conjunct Pluto
You or those you love may be feeling extra clingy under this transit. Intimacy and connection are favored, but consent is always key! You can enjoy deep creative or psychological pursuits with great awareness of your personal feelings. 


Moon Enters Cancer
You may feel more sensitive to others now, and the energies that surround you. Be careful that you don’t get caught up in negative feelings. Turning your attention to nurturing others will warm your heart.
Sun Enters Pisces
When the Sun enters ethereal Pisces, intuition is stronger than usual. There is a culmination of cycles as the Sun has now moved through the entire zodiac. Give yourself space and grace to process the endings in your life. Bring this strength and growth with you as you prepare to enter into new beginnings. 


Moon Enters Leo
Creativity and determination are in the air now. Leo is associated with children, so spending time with kids or exploring your ‘inner child’ is rejuvenating and affirming. Passion is calling - are you listening? 


Venus Conjunct Mars
Sensuality and carnal pleasures are on tap when vivacious Venus meets intense Mars. You may be more inclined to take risks now, and instinctually know how to make everything a little more exciting. Find ways to positively use this energy - bottling it up can lead to rash decisions.  


Mercury Enters Pisces
It's time to transform everyday existence into a sublime experience. Mercury in Pisces is more influenced by feelings and imaginative ideas than by reason. There is a strong passion for the arts and all things beautiful. The likelihood of psychic and spiritual thinking is higher right now, but self-deception is also a possibility.

Moon Enters Virgo
A sense of duty can help you get things checked off your to-do list. Accountability wins the day, but be careful not to unleash your judgements on others. Curiosity combined with intuition will help you sort out life’s details. 


Full Moon in Virgo
Curiosity is calling, and it’s time to answer. What can you release that will allow you time and energy to devote to the routines and habits that will help you see things from another perspective.

Venus Square Jupiter
This optimistic influence may have you over-eating, over-spending or over-sharing. While it’s wonderful for socializing, it’s not so great if you lack self-control. When it comes to going big or going home, just go home.


Moon Enters Libra
Now is a great time to connect with others, but watch out that you don’t put too much stock in your relationships. Find the balance between giving and receiving. A strong sense of justice and the desire to smooth over any conflicts come easily now. 


Mars Square Jupiter 
Mars square Jupiter transit provides you with the enthusiasm and ambition to start new projects and take risks in order to achieve success. However you can easily overdo it now, so move deliberately and keep your ego in check.  


Sun Conjunct Mercury
The Sun and Mercury join together, making creative expression easy. The downside is that it causes rampant over-thinking and it may be difficult to see other perspectives. Use this energy to take an inward look and make positive decisions for your future.
Mercury Conjunct Saturn 
Mercury conjunct Saturn is a great time for solving difficult problems, but it can also feel unusually heavy. Action will abate anxiety and negativity that can swirl through your head. Be straight-forward but watch that your words don’t cut like a knife. Caution and self-discipline are favored.
Sun Conjunct Saturn
When the Sun comes around to meet up with Saturn on its yearly trek, the tone of life can become more serious. This doesn’t mean a bad day is on the horizon or a negative outlook is inevitable. Focus and discipline are on tap when the Sun and Saturn meet.
Moon Enters Scorpio
Your powers of perception are heightened and you have the ability to act as a change agent in the world by bringing the truth to light. On the other hand, you may be more secretive than usual, attempting to hide your own depth and vulnerabilities. Sharing with confidants leads to inner transformation. 


Mercury Sextile Jupiter
Positive thinking and excellent communication are favored under this influence. Business is fortunate and things simply fall into place. Socializing is fun and enriches your outlook on life. Negotiations, travel and decision making will go your way.


Favorable Major Transit
Moon Events
New Zodiac Season 

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