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Are Tarot Cards Evil?

Author: Alex Getts

Let’s start by pointing out the obvious—we’re a Tarot community, so of course we know that Tarot cards aren’t evil. They certainly won't ruin your life. The question is, where do these claims come from, and why do people propagate them?

In this piece, we’ll examine some myths about Tarot reading and why some think it is evil. We’ll explore some of Tarot’s history and its symbolism to give you the full story. This way, if someone ever accuses you of black magic, you’ll be ready to hold your ground!

Tarot Card Reading is Black Magic, Satan Related: Debunking these and other Myths Believed by Many

The biggest myth surrounding Tarot is that it is “black magic.” This implies that Tarot readers pull on negative or demonic energy to get secret information about the world. In reality, the truth is the complete opposite. 

Tarot cards help you communicate with your Spirit Guides and Intuition, neither of which are wrong or evil. They exist for the sake of helping us find our way through life and reach whatever will give us fulfillment.

When we consider the word “evil” we think of things that cause harm to one’s self, someone else, or to the planet Earth. How could Tarot cards possibly do any of these things?

It is unreasonable to think that they have the ability to inflict harm on someone else or be used to cause destruction. In fact, the biggest danger of Tarot cards is an over-reliance on them. If someone depends too much on what Tarot readings are telling them that could create an unhealthy relationship with the practice.

While unfavorable, that’s still not evil and definitely not black magic.

What about the imagery on Tarot cards… is that something to be concerned about?

The Tarot Deck pulls from ancient belief systems, such as the Kabbalah, to preserve sacred imagery. In fact, the reason for this is because Christian crusaders would destroy any sacred iconography or writing that was not directly approved by the Church. The sacred images were imprinted on cards and passed off as a harmless game. 

So, while Tarot cards were used as playing cards, their true purpose was to carry on persecuted beliefs and be used in divination.  It very well could be that the myth of Tarot cards being evil was started by major religious intuitions, such as the Catholic church, to dissuade people from interacting with any other belief system.

Tarot cards do not proceed from Satan in any way. Satan is a Christian notion of a fallen angel that has influence on evil in the world. The Devil Card is used to represent the lower consciousness vices of humanity and quite clearly paints them and the devil in a bad light. Nothing about the Tarot Deck supports Satan.

As far as we know, there are no Tarot decks that renounce Jesus Christ and there's no Tarot card spread meant to communicate with devils. In a Tarot reading, the imagery helps you practice divination by interpreting the energies that surround you. The art comes from ancient wisdom and has been passed down for generations.

Interestingly, many Christian beliefs pull from Esoteric and Astrological ones. That’s why Jesus had 12 disciples, why there were 12 tribes of Israel, and why the Old Testament contains Jewish Scriptures associated with the ancient beliefs that Tarot cards draw from. Many ancient sacred patterns exist in the deck.

With these things in mind, it’s very hard to argue that there’s anything evil about the Tarot deck.

Is Reading Tarot cards Bad or Dangerous?

One of the most commonly asked questions about Tarot cards is if they can harm you or ruin your life. 

The short answer is: hard no. 

Tarot card readings aren’t changing your life circumstances or inviting in bad energies. They are simply a means of communicating with energies that are already there. You can interact with your spirit guides, who are there to support you, and tap into your intuition (or that of the Tarot card reader) to understand what life paths are available for you.

Intuition is present in all of us and understands the True Path of our souls, but it can be hard to channel without a tool such as Tarot cards. Tarot reading therefore is not invoking any kind of bad energy, or accessing forbidden knowledge, because it is simply making something already present more accessible. 

When you engage in a Tarot reading, you are not doing anything dangerous. No Tarot card can knock you off your life path; no mysterious fortune teller can put any kind of bad energy into your life unless you allow it.

Could Tarot Cards be used for Evil?

This is a tricky question. It is known that that black magic exists, and some people can tap into dark forces to exert their will on the world. Theoretically, it may be possible that someone could use a divination tool like Tarot to this end.

We have never encountered this personally, but some revered Tarot masters in our community have encountered witches who they suspect were using Tarot in this way. It’s never a good idea to be in any proximity with someone who practices dark magic as it is easy to open portals to entities that you do not want to invade your life. Be sure to steer clear of anything or anyone who practices any dark arts.

What you need to know about Tarot Cards being said to be Black Magic, Satantic, or Otherwise Evil

We've examined the question, "are Tarot cards evil" so that you now have a clear answer. There should be no worry in your heart that Tarot cards bring about bad luck or tamper with dark energy.

On the contrary, Tarot cards hold the keys to helping you connect with yourself and reach a better lifeline. They can be supportive in times of need, motivational when you are facing challenges, and comforting when you need a glimmer of hope. Many Tarot readers help others sort through their problems and guide them through periods of darkness, bringing light into the world. 

So, the short and simple answer is that no, Tarot cards are in no way evil. No form of spirituality or manifestation is a sin. 

They aren’t going to invite evil spirits into your life (note that the word invite was used deliberately as dark spirits can only enter your layer of reality if you let them). They certainly aren’t praising Satan and would never be involved in any kind of Satanic ritual.

These myths largely come from outdated, judgmental fundamentalist Christian beliefs that see anything outside of the Church as being dangerous. Or, they could be the result of people tending to be fearful of things they are unfamiliar with or don’t understand. 

As with anything else that weighs on your mind, the best answers come from within. Listen to your heart. Look at your Tarot card deck, feel its energy. Do you really think they are evil? Do you really think we are building a community around making the world worse?

The Tarot community is comprised of some of the nicest, most caring, least judgmental people on the planet. Are you going to say we are engaging in some kind of perverse Satan worship? Of course not!

Hopefully, this has cleared up some common misconceptions for you. Sending light and love!


This article was originally posted on Intuitive Souls

About the Author

As a practicing Tarot reader and astrologer of 15 years, Intuitive Souls Founder Alex Getts leads the Intuitive Souls mission to help people manifest the lives of their dreams. She’s personally worked with hundreds of clients over the years and has achieved international recognition for her work.

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