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A Few More Reasons to Get a Tarot Planner (According to Reviews!)

*2022 tarot journal

At Writual we’re always looking for new ways to give people the best tarot experience. Our 2022 tarot planner features tons of new updates, from quick tarot spreads to a moon phases tracker — and these new features didn’t go unnoticed! 

We were recently featured in a review from Facing North, a community resource for all things tarot and astrology. They feature the largest collection of reviews of spirituality books, news, and music, and they’ve taken an interest in our very own Writual Planner. 

They found us through a Facebook ad and were immediately drawn to it. They even went so far as to call us the “Cadillac of Tarot planners!” 

Read the full review of our 2022 tarot planner >

“What makes this so convenient, is that everything is at the seeker’s fingertips. There’s no need to go to another book or a search engine,” said reviewer Patricia Snodgrass. 

And that’s what Writual is all about! With charts, full moon readings, and quick card descriptions, you never have to pull out a big stack of books to understand your readings. 

They took particular note of the adaptability of the planner. You can use Oracle or Lenormand cards and do Rune castings making the planner “wonderfully versatile” for any level of practice. 

“I absolutely love this planner,” said Snodgrass. “I use it for daily spreads, goal setting, habit tracking as well as for self-care. It’s well-worth the price.” 

Make the Most of Your Tarot Planner

We’re thrilled to provide beautiful tarot journals for you to reflect and set goals. But that’s not all we do! 

The Writual Society gives you unlimited access to tarot experts, online courses, and a community of spiritual people just like you. A membership also includes monthly workbooks and discussion forums to hone your tarot practice. 

You never have to go on this journey alone!

Join The Writual Society today to enhance your tarot experience >

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