Zoom Reading with Mike Owen
Zoom Reading with Mike Owen

Reading with Mike Owen


Mike has been professionally reading & healing for over 19 years! He holds 2 Master's Degrees in Healing/Energy Work as well as a Licensure in Hypnotherapy. Mike has been trained to see all of the layers of the self (without tools or cards) for comprehensive healing. He not only relays information but also moves energy to alleviate challenges that lead to negative cycles in life (relationships, career, feeling stuck/lost, etc.). Mike reads professionally and also teaches clairvoyant training online. Mike will definitely be able to help you with your challenges!


Mike offers the following services:

45-Minute Energy Clearing

  • This is a comprehensive clearing of old or outdated energies. The Mind, Body, and Spirit are intimately connected. When there is a “disconnect” or disturbance, negative emotions and/or physical discomfort may surface, and/or illness may manifest. Stuck emotions or energy can affect relationship patterns, career disappointments, financial success, etc. Proven techniques will welcome more abundance by modifying ingrained patterns of negativity under the surface. A plan is sometimes needed to give a clear message to the universe that you are indeed ready to step into the life which you truly deserve.
  • Regain control by recharging/releasing for optimum health & wellness!

75-Minute Intuitive Hypnosis

  • A total reprogramming & rejuvenation!
  • Allow Mike to clear your energy & relay what areas would best suit you for hypnosis! This allows your Spirit to communicate precisely what you need and removes all guesswork around hypnosis.
  • Since 99% of our behaviors originate from the subconscious, it is often challenging to actually see results, but hypnosis retrains the subconscious mind with direct commands for a desired outcome - hypnosis unlocks positive, lasting change!
  • Possible areas of Improvement: Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Fear, Stress/Anxiety, & ANY Other Area!


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Reading with Mike Owen



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