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Cleanse and Manifest Kit - Bundle - 4 Pack


The Cleanse + Manifest Kit is the perfect starter kit or gift for anyone seeking to cleanse and manifest positive energy in their space.

Included in the kit:

  1. Lavender Palo Santo (HOLY WOOD): Palo Santo smoke cleanses your space and opens doors for new opportunities to manifest.
  2. Mini Cedar Bundle: Cedar is a potent tool for clearing negative energy, purifying spaces, and providing protection.
  3. Mini Blue Sage Bundle: Blue sage promotes health, prosperity, and healing while purifying your surroundings.
  4. Mini Yerba Santa Bundle: This bundle aids in setting boundaries and has been traditionally used for love, purification, growth, and empowerment.


  • Sustainably harvested
  • Approximately 4" in length
  • Includes 4 bundles
  • Comes with a "BURN CARD" providing instructions on "How to Cleanse Your Space" for easy use.

Elevate your cleansing and manifestation rituals with our Cleanse + Manifest Kit, designed to bring positive energy and clarity into your life.

Cleanse and Manifest Kit - Bundle - 4 Pack



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