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Writual Society

Welcome to the Writual Society. We are an ever-evolving space created for tarot-lovers to come together and share ideas, experiences and knowledge - to learn together and expand the magic in our everyday lives.

It is a group for those of us seeking inspiration for a real-world spiritual practice – one that can fit into the one or three or five minutes we actually have each day – to join together with people who share our challenges.

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Writual Planner
At Writual Planner we believe in making the spiritual accessible - everyday, to everyone. We are committed to creating simple but powerful tools to merge the mystical with the mundane so that we all can carve out a little space each day to connect and explore.
In a world where we have so many commitments and responsibilities pulling us in every direction it can be difficult to commit to long, involved rituals and routines. It was this need to find easy, attainable ways to call in a daily reflective practice that birthed Writual Planner.
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Writual Blog
Find planner tips + tutorials, guidance on learning to read tarot, daily ritual ideas and more on the Writual Blog.