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Winter/Yule Candle 4oz

$10.50 Regular price $14.00

Frankincense, Orange, Fir, Cedar, and Pine scents are instantaneously opulent and relaxed, easing one in for a most cozy rejuvenation.


Into darkness we plunge as winter draws itself over us. Save for the occasional coo from a night owl or the distant cries from a small pack of coyotes, winter’s beauty lies at the heart of a deep stillness in the landscape. We move in close to one another for warmth and reassurance. Then soon we reach the apex of a dying year in a single night as it lengthens past all other nights of the year—the Solstice. In our deepest hush we are given pause to reflect.


In an earth’s quiet night, how shall we comfort and renew each others’ hearts?



• Made in United States

• Weight: 4.5 oz (127 g)

Winter/Yule Candle 4oz

$10.50 Regular price $14.00