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Personal Natal Report


This Natal Chart Report reveals the blueprint of your personal astrology at your time of birth.

Your astrological natal chart - also called a birth chart - shows us precisely where each planet was on its journey around the Sun (from our view on Earth) at the exact moment you were born. 

Each planet has a distinct role to play in our lives, and the signs and houses in which they sit give us the characteristics of how each planet behaves. Furthermore, the planets 'speak' to one another through aspects, or angles, at which they sit with one another. 

As a result, the natal chart presents us with our strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities for growth in this lifetime. 

This Natal Chart will describe the meanings of the planets, signs, houses, and transits within your birth chart. 

Your personalized Natal Chart Report of approximately 50 pages will be sent directly to your inbox in a downloadable PDF format to save or print. 

* All reports are based on Western astrology which  uses the tropical (fixed) zodiac.

* This is NOT a physical product - you will receive a digital file that you can view electronically, print at home or take to your local print shop. 

* This item is limited to ONE report per order 

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Personal Natal Report